Minimum System Recommendations

Windows Server - Hardware

  • UPS battery backup system
  • Pentium IV or compatible - 2.4Ghz minimum
  • 1 GB Main Memory
  • 40 GB Hard Drive
  • CD-Rom / DVD
  • 10/100MB Ethernet Network Card

Windows Server - Software (required)

  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 Professional
  • IPS user account, with administrative privileges
  • Internet connection with Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher or an internet browser

List of IP Addresses for the following units

  • DMS Host System
  • Windows Server
  • Access Point(s) - One IP for each unit
  • Scanner Unit(s) - One IP for each unit

Connection Settings (required)

  • DMS, Windows Server and all Access Points must be wired on a LAN (Local Area Network) using the Ethernet Protocol with CAT5 twisted pair cabling.
  • If multiple locations are involved, the buildings must be wired on the same LAN using a point-to-point dedicated circuit method.